SV Haiming – Since 2022 back in the state league and this year with new 3000K / 250 LUX floodlights from SmartArena!

The club was founded in 1966 and has since played a significant role in regional football. Throughout its history, SV Haiming has competed in lower leagues as well as higher divisions. Since last year, the club’s first team has been participating in the Tyrolean State League and has made an excellent impression in its first season back.

The club’s sports director, Valentino Espa, summarized the floodlight installation as follows: “Everything worked perfectly, both with you and with the municipality. Despite the persistent bad weather and heavy rain, everything went according to schedule.”

After our conversion, the system now consumes 37.5% less electricity (25KW instead of 40KW), the light is evenly distributed, and our proven DLC shading system has minimized glare for neighboring residents and overall illumination of the area.

In summary, after the renovation, the following can be observed:


  • 3000K / 250 Lux on 4x 20m high masts and 37.5% energy savings.
  • There is more light that consumes less energy.
  • The light is evenly distributed.
  • Residents, athletes, and nature benefit from the renovation.
  • The new nationwide ÖNORM (Austrian standard) – which has long been required by the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman – has also been met once again.


Club: SV Haiming,

Planning, execution, and support: Sebastian Trieb, Preworks GmbH

General contractor: SP-TEC GmbH

Equipment in use: SmartArena Tera GEN3r LED floodlights with DLC

Photos: SmartArena by Preworks | Markus Giefing

SmartArena sales and international support: Preworks GmbH,