SV Andorf – the club that has been founded in 1946, now the have a new SmartArena floodlight system

The sports club will soon celebrate its 80th anniversary. It was admitted to the Upper Austrian Football Association in July 1946. Throughout its history, it has competed in various leagues, ranging from the district league to the Upper Austrian League. Now, the club has a modern LED floodlight system installed by Illumina GmbH with SmartArena.

Alexander Reitinger supervised the renovation and, looking back on the project, said, “There were some internal helpers from the club during the renovation. The club dismantled the old system, and then the new floodlights were installed with combined efforts. Compared to the old system, the residents now experience significantly less stray light thanks to the DLC system.”

This is clearly visible in his before/after photos of the training ground. Here’s how the illumination was before:

We also asked the club about their opinion on the new floodlight system, and both the chairman, Reinhard Köstlinger, and the assistant coach, Florian Maier, reported a quick and uncomplicated conversion of the training ground. Mr. Maier commented, “Yes, everything was great, we are completely satisfied. It is now bright as day during the training.”

For comparison, here’s a photo of the illumination with SmartArena Tera GEN3r LED floodlights after the renovation:


  • 150 Lux on the training ground
  • 75 Lux on the adjacent field
  • The light is much better distributed, as can be seen in the photos
  • The residents, nature, and athletes all benefit from the renovation
  • The light planning was carried out by Preworks GmbH


Club: FC Andorf, Website:

Floodlight producer & light planning: Preworks GmbH,

Planning & support: Illumina Licht & Service GmbH,

Equipment in use: SmartArena Tera GEN3r LED Fluter mit DLC

Photos: Illumina GmbH | Alexander Reitinger