SK Jenbach – Working under high voltage in the Jenbach stadium SmartArena Tera GEN3r

Unusual conditions prevailed in the Jenbach stadium, where the floodlights were converted to SmartArena LED floodlights in 3000 K. As two different high-voltage lines cross the pitch and the roof of the grandstand, great care had to be taken when dismantling the two masts in the viewing area of the grandstand. LED floodlights were mounted on the roof of the grandstand at a height of 11 m, thus guaranteeing an unrestricted view of the pitch in the future. The installation was complicated by great variations in mast heights, including heights of only 10 m at some of the corners.

The DLC system was used to avoid stray light, to achieve the highest level of playing comfort, despite the on-site conditions, and for compatibility with environmental protection and nature conservation, due to the proximity of the river Inn.

The entire installation was planned to optimise energy efficiency and the evenness of the lighting. The stadium is now illuminated with an average brightness of over 300 lux, offering players and spectators a perfect experience.

The upgrade to the latest generation SmartArena Tera GEN3r floodlights also achieves a significant reduction in energy consumption, in comparison to the old floodlights.


Location: SV Telfs,

Planning, processing and support: Sebastian Trieb, Preworks GmbH

Main contractor: JP-TEC,

Equipment employed: SmartArena Tera GEN3r LED Fluter mit DLC

Photos: SmartArena by Preworks | Markus Giefing

SmartArena international sales and support: Preworks GmbH,