Renewed Floodlighting for the “SV Klement Haitzendorf” with SmartArena

In October 2022, the conversion of the existing floodlighting to energy-saving SmartArena LED lighting for the competition and training pitch in Grafenegg, Lower Austria was finally completed.

Due to the location of the sports facility in the centre of a residential area, a glare-optimised design with a DLC system was selected and installed, to protect residents and the environment effectively against light immission.

The new floodlighting system at the competition pitch now offers optimal playing conditions, with an average of 220 lux and an evenness far higher than standards require. In addition, the retrofit reduced energy consumption from the original 28kWh to 16.8kWh. This corresponds to ~40% savings in electricity costs.


Club: SV Klement Haitzendorf,

Planning, processing and support: Sebastian Trieb, Preworks GmbH

Main contractor: store and more GmbH,

Electrical installations: Montron GmbH,

Equipment employed: SmartArena LED Fluter

Photos: SmartArena by Preworks | Markus Giefing

SmartArena internations sales and support: Preworks GmbH,