SmartArena LED floodlighting for the FCM Traiskirchen

The municipality of Traiskirchen in Lower Austria is home to 18,000 residents and has a spacious sports centre. The wide range of sports facilities includes a well-maintained football pitch with a covered grandstand. The pitch is home to FCM Flyeralarm Traiskirchen. The club plays in the Regionalliga Ost.

In summer 2022, the existing floodlighting system was replaced by a new SmartArena LED floodlighting system. The system was planned in accordance with the current ÖISS & ÖNORM O1052 specifications. The existing 4-mast system, with a light point height of 30 m, remained in use. The newly installed 500 lux system illuminates the pitch evenly and makes it fit for the 2nd Bundesliga, which stipulates at least 400 lux. Thanks to the integrated step switch, the brightness can be reduced to 250 lux if required. The connected load is 40.8 kW, which means that electricity savings of over 60 % were achieved through the conversion to LED floodlighting.


Location: Sportzentrum Traiskirchen,

Club: FCM Flyeralarm Traiskirchen,

Planning, processing and support: Sebastian Trieb, Preworks GmbH

Main contractor: store and more GmbH,

Electrical installations: Montron GmbH,

Equipment employed: SmartArena LED Fluter

Photos: Markus Giefing, Preworks GmbH

SmartArena international sales and support: Preworks GmbH,