Investment in the Future at ASV Kiens

ASV Kiens, located in the picturesque Pustertal in South Tyrol, is gearing up for an exciting new season in the regional league. However, these preparations were not confined to the field alone. A crucial step in being prepared for a successful future is the renewal of the stadium’s floodlight system.

Efficient and Innovative LED Lighting:

A forward-looking decision was made when selecting the lighting for ASV Kiens’ St. Sigmund Stadium with SmartArena. An advanced LED lighting system with a color temperature of 4000K was installed. This choice allowed for achieving the necessary lighting intensity while optimizing energy consumption—a win-win situation for the club and the environment.

Outstanding Light Quality and Uniformity

One of the most remarkable features of the new floodlights at ASV Kiens Stadium is their outstanding uniformity. With a ratio of 0.76/0.65 and an average illumination intensity of 230 lux, the SmartArena lighting offers unparalleled brightness and coverage. This was achieved through precisely aligned floodlights with a DLC system, which minimizes stray light and optimally illuminates the playing field.

We are delighted that now in South Tyrol, athletes can play football more efficiently and sustainably with a SmartArena floodlight system.


Club: ASV Kiens,
General Contractor: SP- Tec
Electrical Contractor: Elektro Zambelli GmbH,
Lighting Design: Preworks GmbH,
Photos: Preworks GmbH & Illumina Licht und Service GmbH
SmartArena Sales and International Support: Preworks GmbH,