BAUNTi Arena in Schärding Renews Floodlight System

Arena in Schärding, home to SK Waizenauer Schärding, has successfully completed numerous construction projects in the past. Now, another important step has been taken with the conversion of the lighting system to state-of-the-art SmartArena LED-floodlights.

The Task In June 2022, the competition field for the Landesliga and the training field were equipped with LED lighting to ensure optimal playing conditions. Due to its proximity to residents and the adjacent federal road, it was crucial to carry out professional lighting planning to minimize possible disruptions as much as possible. The basis for this planning was the requirements of ÖNORM O1052 and EN 12193, which consider aspects such as area illumination, light emissions, and other important points related to specific sports facility lighting.

An additional challenge was that the installation on one side of the field could not be carried out directly from the field, requiring a partial closure of the federal road and the use of a turntable ladder from the local fire department and a truck crane with a personnel basket.

The Implementation The SmartArena floodlight system, equipped with special reflectors and optics, allows for highly effective illumination of the field without unnecessarily brightening the surroundings. The results in terms of lighting uniformity on the field far exceed the established norms.

The Result: Environmental Improvements The switch to the new floodlight system benefits not only the players and spectators but also the adjacent residents and the environment. A contribution against unnecessary light pollution has been made since the used DLC system (Direct-Light-Control) allows for precise shading at the field’s edge. Additionally, the much more energy-efficient LED technology leads to a significant reduction in the original power consumption of the entire system, in this case, by more than 50%, which in turn contributes to substantial CO2 savings.

BAUNTi Arena in Schärding can now proudly look at its modernized lighting system, which not only meets the sporting requirements but also considers the comfort of the neighbors and makes an important contribution to environmental protection. Preworks is pleased to be a part of this successful project and extends its gratitude to Illumina and the SK Schärding association for their excellent collaboration.



Association: SK Schärding,
General Contractor: Illumina Licht und Service GmbH,
Lighting Planning: Preworks GmbH,
Photos: Preworks GmbH & Illumina Licht und Service GmbH
SmartArena Sales and International Support: Preworks GmbH,