Conversion of SV Hohenberg to SmartArena LED Floodlights!

Preworks, with its in-house brand SmartArena, has become an established manufacturer of LED floodlight systems in Austria. We recently successfully completed the conversion of floodlights at SV Hohenberg in the Lilienfeld district in partnership with Store and More. This upgrade to SmartArena Tera Gen3r floodlight systems has not only significantly improved lighting quality but also has positive ecological and economic impacts.

The project faced various challenges:

  1. Reuse of existing light poles:
    The four existing light poles, standing at a height of 16 meters, were to be reused to save costs and promote project sustainability.
  2. Glare reduction:
    The lighting for the competition area needed to be designed to minimize glare on the adjacent state road, ensuring safety for road users.
  3. Shielding residents from light emissions:
    Immediate neighbors had to be protected from excessive light exposure to maintain their quality of life.
  4. Meeting the requirements of the Lower Austria Football Association:
    The lighting levels had to meet the standards of the Lower Austria Football Association to enable high-quality football matches.

The DLC system (Direct Light Control) from SmartArena ensures precise light shading towards the road, significantly reducing glare and optimizing light distribution. Through precise light calculations and aligned floodlights, uniform field illumination was achieved. Moreover, dimmable configurations with different switching levels were implemented to enhance lighting flexibility and enable further energy savings.


The results of this conversion are impressive:

  1. Energy savings:
    Despite the increased lighting intensity, energy consumption was reduced by over 30%. This is not only economically advantageous but also environmentally responsible.
  2. Reduced light pollution:
    The focused direction of the floodlights reduces lighting around the field, lowering light pollution in the vicinity and benefiting the neighborhood.
  3. CO2 reduction:
    Reduced energy consumption leads to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, making a positive contribution to environmental protection.
  4. Enhanced playing comfort:
    Uniform field illumination significantly improves playing comfort and contributes to enabling high-quality football matches.

In summary, the conversion to SmartArena LED floodlights is a successful initiative, bringing both economic and environmental advantages, and allowing SV Hohenberg to invest in a sustainable and modern lighting solution. SmartArena continues to rely on innovative technologies to illuminate sports facilities and venues optimally while minimizing environmental impact. We take pride in contributing to the improvement of lighting solutions for sports clubs and communities.



Club: SV Hohenberg,
Client: Store and More GmbH,
Installation: Montron GmbH,
Lighting Design: Preworks GmbH,
Photos: Preworks GmbH
SmartArena Sales and International Support: Preworks GmbH,