USV Wundschuh Shines in New Light: Recreational Sports Illumination According to New Standards

USV Wundschuh, a football club with a proud tradition since its founding in 1967 in the municipality of Wundschuh, Graz-Umgebung district, has recently taken a significant step in lighting. With an illuminance of 200 lux and a warm color temperature (3000K “warm white”), the sports field now shines in a new light, in accordance with the new Austrian standard (DIN EN 12193).

This was achieved through the installation of a modern floodlight system by SmartArena. The four old mast poles, standing at a height of 18 meters, were reused in the process. Despite the challenges posed by the flight path of Graz Airport, the lighting was perfectly adjusted, now appreciated by both spectators and players alike.

We spoke to Mr. Karl Scherz, Deputy Mayor of the municipality of Wundschuh, to get his opinion on the joint project. He mentioned that the Preworks team was very accommodating to the specific requirements of the club, the players, environmental regulations, and the spectators throughout the project. The coach is also satisfied with the end result. Mr. Scherz emphasized the excellent and individualized service provided by Preworks in the interview.

The introduction of the switchdim function allows the club to adjust the light intensity in freely programmable dimming levels, ensuring energy savings during both training sessions and after games.

The project demonstrates how modern lighting solutions enhance grassroots sports while meeting light emission requirements and saving energy.



Club: USV Wundschuh,

General Contractor: Ecoworld LCL GmbH,

Floodlight manufacturer: Preworks GmbH,

Equipment: SmartArena Tera GEN3r LED floodlights with DLC and Switch Dimming Upgrade