FC Tulln: Oversized area illuminated with 300 lux by SmartArena

Tulln, Lower Austria – A special project has been realized in Tulln: an oversized area now shines with a rich illuminance of 300 lux. The project included two areas – the main square and the training field – and was implemented by Preworks GmbH in collaboration with the general contractor store & more GmbH.

Areas in focus:

The main square shines with an impressive illuminance of 300 lux and a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin, while the training field was equipped with 100 lux.

A unique feature of this project was the old timber framework poles that had to be integrated into the planning. Despite a relatively high light point height of 23 meters, effective illumination was achieved.

The square itself stands out with its impressive dimensions of 105 meters in length and 74 meters in width. The project was made possible through the expertise of store & more under the leadership of Marc Gosewinkel. He commented on the project’s progress: “Even with special projects like this one, with a very wide square, the strength of the SmartArena lights is evident. Together with Preworks, we were able to deliver perfect lighting for our customer on this project while adhering to all norms and glare values.”

For the club, it was of particular importance to create the possibility of partial lighting at the main square to ensure optimal and energy-efficient training conditions. The previous installation consumed about 50 kW, but thanks to the modern redesign, power consumption was significantly reduced by 50% to approximately 25 kW.



Club: FC Tulln, www.facebook.com/forzafct
General Contractor: store & more GmbH, www.store-and-more.at
Electrical Engineering Partner: store & more GmbH in Kooperation mit der Montron GmbH www.montron.at
Manufacturer of Floodlights: Preworks GmbH, www.smart-arena.com
Equipment in Use: SmartArena Tera GEN3r LED Fluter mit DLC
Photo with Rainbow: Stephan Böhm, FC Tulln