Roitham, Upper Austria

SV Roitham, a mainstay of the local football scene in Upper Austria since 1967, has recently taken a significant step into the future. In collaboration with the trusted partner SmartArena and Illumina Licht & Service GmbH, the club’s football pitch has been upgraded to a modern LED floodlight system.

Franz Schobesberger, BSc MSc, the chairman of SV Roitham, provides insights into the reasons for this innovation:

“Our facility was getting old, the power consumption was high. When we learned about the funding, we were in our promotion year, and it was easy for us to gain a lot of support from our sponsors for the switch to an LED floodlight system.”

The switch comes at a strategic time, as Mr. Schobesberger further explains:

“About five years ago, we noticed that our youth numbers were dwindling; we had barely more than 15 children and teenagers. We decided to promote youth work more, which we successfully did. Today we have over a hundred young players in the club. As a result, the lawn has become much more frequented. The new floodlights are now very helpful to allow for more frequent training. We are especially looking forward to planning the current spring season because we can also play games in the evening.”

Efficient implementation by Illumina Licht & Service GmbH:

The project was carried out on-site by Illumina Licht & Service GmbH. The equipping of the pole consoles with the devices including completely prepared wiring was done on the ground and then lifted onto the poles using a truck crane. This efficient approach enabled a smooth and swift realization of the project.

Illumina Licht & Service GmbH:

“The entire project went as planned and the collaboration with SV Roitham was excellent! All participants were more than satisfied with the new floodlight system in the end.”

The LED floodlight project at SV Roitham is not only a gain for the club itself but also sets new standards for innovative sports lighting in the region. With this successful installation, SV Roitham is well-equipped for further sporting highlights after their promotion to the first class.

Project data at a glance:

  • Illuminance / Color temperature: 200 Lux – 3000 Kelvin (K).
  • A special feature of the project is that one mast was used for both the competition pitch and the training pitch, with the latter being illuminated with only three masts.