SV Stockerau once again opts for Smart Arena: Two new floodlight systems!

Stockerau, Lower Austria – SV Stockerau, competing in the 2nd Lower Austrian Provincial League East, upgraded two sports grounds to LED spotlights from Smart Arena in 2022 and 2023. With the installation of the innovative floodlight systems on the competition and training grounds, the club is equipping itself for the future in terms of sports infrastructure. Both projects were successfully realized in cooperation with our trusted partner, store & more GmbH.

Competition ground 2022: Time-honored, newly illuminated

In 2022, the competition ground underwent a significant upgrade by retrofitting existing poles. The lighting requirement was an impressive 400 lux to ensure optimal competition conditions. Sebastian Trieb, Product Manager at SmartArena, emphasizes the challenges of this project:

“The proximity to the highway required special consideration, as traffic could not be affected by the lighting. The historic timber frame poles were also a special feature of the project.”

Training ground 2023: Fresh wind for the youth

In 2023, a brand-new floodlight system was installed on the training ground, specifically designed for the youth teams. With four poles each 18 meters high and new foundations, not only was the brightness optimized, but the structure of the system was also modernized.

Marc Gosewinkel, Managing Director of store and more GmbH:

“Thanks to the Smart Arena special optics and the DLC system, we create perfectly uniform training lighting on this ground, although the poles had to be placed some distance from the ideal position due to structural conditions.”

Thomas Schmidt, the club’s president, highlights the advantages of the new lighting in an interview:

“The new floodlight is ideal to operate. You turn it on, and immediately everything is lit up. Unlike the old system, where I had to wait 10 minutes for the full effect to be reached.”