ATP Tour 2021 Smart Arena flood lighting for world class tennis

The rehearsal hall for the Erste Bank Open 500 in Vienna, part of the ATP Tour 2021, was equipped with LED floodlighting from Smart Arena to achieve perfect conditions for players, fans and TV broadcasts. The rehearsals included darkening of the court.

Lighting class I for international and national competitions stipulates an illuminance of 500 lux. In addition, full light output without warm-up time, precise positioning and flicker-free dimming for TV broadcasts and recordings were required. The Smart Arena LED floodlights were also used as downlights to illuminate the side lines because the players run far beyond the court. Between the matches, the national flags of the tournament participants were placed on the court and evenly illuminated.

The Smart Arena LED floodlights were suspended from the trussing with standard spotlight brackets. The low weight of the Smart Arena devices was an advantage here, as only 150 kg were permitted per suspension point. The power was reduced to 50 % due to the low light point height of 7.5 metres.  Conventional floodlighting has a much higher power consumption than Smart Arena LED floodlighting. The lower energy requirement of 300 W instead of 2000 W made cabling much simpler. Smart Arena LED floodlights with a DMX connection were employed. Operator Dietmar Plisner controlled the lighting via a RoadHog 4 console from High End Systems.


Location: rehearsal hall for the Erste Bank Open 500

Planning and support: Alfred Oberlassnig, Preworks GmbH

Equipment employed: Smart Arena floodlighting with DMX-connectors

Photos: privat/tennisnet

SmartArena sales and support: Preworks GmbH,