Lighting for the DSG tennis court Mariatrost SmartArena LED floodlighting

The tennis courts of the diocese sports community Styria are located at the foot of the Kirchberg, with a magnificent view of the Mariatrost Basilica, and are one of the best situated courts in Graz. Not only are exciting matches played here, but the peace, quiet and club life in the countryside are also enjoyed. All generations are welcome and tennis summer camps for children and teenagers are held in the summer.

The facility offers three tennis courts, which were previously only playable in daylight. To extend the playing hours, a completely new floodlighting system was installed.

The system is designed as a 1-mast system (one mast per tennis court). The light point height is 16 metres. Energy-efficient SmartArena LED floodlights illuminate the court with 300 lux and thus meet the standard specifications for tennis class 2. The new system is equipped with “Direct Light Control” (DLC) as glare protection and for shading. This achieves an optimal reduction of stray light immission to the surroundings of the court and effectively protects the environment from light pollution.


Location: DSG Mariatrost tennis complex

Implementation and support: Preworks GmbH, Sebastian Trieb

Equipment in use: SmartArena LED floodlights,

Photos: Markus Giefing, Sebastian Trieb

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SmartArena international sales and support: Preworks GmbH,