Arosa, Switzerland Smart Arena LED floodlighting for the sports field Ochsenbühl

The sports field Ochsenbühl is in the immediate vicinity of the Obersee, in the centre of the town and with a background of an impressive mountain panorama.  The multifunctional field is used all year round. In the summer, artificial turf is rolled out. In the Winter, the area serves as an ice rink. The field is frequented by amateur athletes as well as by the professional ice hockey players of the famous EHC Arosa. For individual events, e. g. the Arosa ClassicCar, the concrete surface under the turf or ice is uncovered.

The existing installation in Arosa was retrofitted with Smart Arena Tera GEN3r with DLC, whereby the existing 4-mast-system remained in use. Despite the low light point height of 11 metres and the asymmetrical arrangement, very good illumination in combination with low light immission was realized. In comparison to the old system, increased illuminance and energy savings of 30 to 40 % have been achieved.




Location: Sportplatz Ochsenbühl, Arosa, Schweiz,

Planning and support: Peter Durstberger, Markus Giefing, Preworks GmbH

Partner: Stagelight AG,

Equipment employed: SmartArena LED floodlights with DLC

Photos: Peter Durstberger, Preworks GmbH

SmartArena sales and support international: Preworks GmbH,