Tennis Ritzing New installation of a Smart Arena LED floodlighting system

Ritzing is known far beyond the borders of the Austrian Burgenland for the beautiful Sonnensee and the idyllic Helenenschacht. The lake is a natural jewel. The Helenenschacht district is named after a coal shaft and is a beautiful, quiet wooded area. Until now, the tennis court at Sonnensee was only playable in daylight hours. Now, a completely new LED floodlighting system from Smart Arena extends the playing times.

The facility comprises two courts. Two masts were erected in a central position between the two courts and equipped with Smart Arena LED floodlights. The light point height is 14 metres. The new installation fulfils the specifications for tennis class 2, these require an illuminance of 300 lux.



Location: Tennis Ritzing

Planning and support: Sebastian Trieb, Preworks GmbH

Partner: Energie Burgenland,

Equipment employed: SmartArena LED Fluter,

Photos: Markus Giefing, Peter Durstberger, Preworks GmbH

SmartArena sales and support international: Preworks GmbH,