St. Peter am Kammersberg, Styria, Austria Smart Arena LED floodlighting for the Josef Leitner stadium

St. Peter am Kammersberg is located in the Styrian Tauern mountains, in the scenic Katschtal valley near Murau, the most densely wooded area in Styria.

The football pitch in the market town, the Josef Leitner stadium, is the playing ground of the TUS Raika St. Peter am Kammersberg. The football club has been playing in the Oberliga Nord again since June 2022 and celebrates its 70th anniversary in July 2022. A new Smart Arena LED floodlighting system ensures optimal training and playing conditions on the football pitch.

The new installation of a 4-mast system with a light point height of 18 metres illuminates the pitch evenly with 200 lux. The LED floodlights are equipped with the DLC shading system to avoid stray light and sky brightening.





Location: Josef Leitner Stadion, St. Peter am Kammersberg

Planning, realization and support: Sebastian Trieb, Preworks GmbH

Equipment employed: SmartArena LED Fluter mit DLC

Photos: Peter Durstberger, Preworks GmbH


SmartArena Verkauf und Support international: Preworks GmbH,