ASK Ybbs Smart Arena floodlighting for the training field Breiten

The training field Breiten, in Ybbs by the Danube, in Lower Austria, belongs to the sport facilities of the ASK Ybbs, whose football team presently plays in the 2. league. A new Smart Arena LED floodlighting system now ensures optimal conditions for players and local residents.   The training field fulfils all specifications for competition sports and is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The existing installation was retrofitted, whereby the old masts remained in use.

The new 4-mast-installation, with a light point height of 16 to 18 metres, evenly illuminates the playing field with 200 lux und thus fulfils football competition specifications for lighting class II. Energy consumption has almost been halved by the retro-fit, the total consumption of the new system is 13,8 KW.

The field is in the middle of a residential area, the distance from the side lines to the next residential building is only 12 metres. To shield residents and protect the environment, the new installation was equipped with DLC (Direct Light Control). DLC minimizes light immission outside the playing field and achieves an  ULR (Upward Light Ratio – the amount of light illuminating the sky) of 0 %.




Association: ASK Ybbs,
Client: store & more GmbH,
Planning, Execution, and Supervision: store & more GmbH,
Installation Company: wüsterstrom Elektroinstallationen GmbH,
Lighting Design: Preworks GmbH,
Manufacturer of Floodlights: Preworks GmbH,
Equipment in Use: SmartArena Tera GEN3r LED Floodlight with DLC