ASVÖ Styria Goes All-In for Victory: With Modern LED-Lighting Technology

Graz, Styria – To meet the high requirements for TV broadcasts by the European Handball Federation (EHF), ASVÖ Styria, in collaboration with SmartArena, has upgraded its entire hall lighting system. This upgrade has increased the lighting intensity from 750 lux to an average of about 1500 lux. The color temperature has been set to 4000K with a CRI (Color Rendering Index) value of 80, creating optimal conditions for high-level handball games.

The innovative DALI control allows for stepless dimming of the lighting. To meet the requirements of international competitions, national contests, and intensive training sessions, three different switching levels have been programmed. However, the settings can also be adjusted individually at any time.

The retrofitting was successfully completed in just one week in collaboration with a local electrical company. The result is a uniform light distribution that meets the highest standards and also represents an energy-efficient solution for ASVÖ Styria.

SmartArena is proud to be able to elevate the sports infrastructure at ASVÖ Styria in Graz to a new level with this modern hall lighting. This is an important investment in the future of sports.