So much light at the Union VTA Rottenbach training ground

Upper Austria, Rottenbach – Brightness, efficiency, environmental friendliness, and minimizing light pollution are important factors in selecting the right floodlighting. The Upper Austrian football club Union VTA Rottenbach, in collaboration with Illumina GmbH, has opted for an innovative SmartArena solution that meets all these requirements.

Until recently, Union VTA Rottenbach used a conventional floodlight system on their training ground, which they have now modernized and equipped with the SmartArena Tera Gen3r series. Compared to the conventional system, the light intensity has been increased from 38 lux to approximately 150 lux, while simultaneously reducing light pollution.

A unique feature in Rottenbach is that the masts have a relatively low height of 14 meters. “Considering that the light is now many times brighter, the glare is limited, despite the very low masts,” says club chairman Alfons Kocher, delighted with the result, as it creates an absolutely player-friendly light on the field. With the new floodlight system from SmartArena, the football club is well-equipped for its sporting future.