Lights on for the Eiswölfe and ATSV Ternitz!

Ternitz, Lower Austria – Both the Eiswölfe Ternitz – the reigning national champion of Lower Austrian – and the ATSV Ternitz have opted for SmartArena for the renewal of their lighting system. Together with store and more, the ice arena and the multi-purpose sports hall were modernized, which also significantly increased energy efficiency.


In the ice arena 80 SmartArena Tera Gen3r with 4000K were installed. The connection power was reduced to 24kW, which not only leads to a significant reduction in energy costs, but also to a reduction in CO2 emissions. The use of energy-efficient LED lights has also reduced light emissions.


A further 60 SmartArena Tera Gen3r with 4000K were installed in the multi-purpose hall, reducing the power consumption to 18kW. The lighting system also impresses with its outstanding uniformity of light distribution. Both sports facilities now comply with Class I – EN 12193. In both cases, upgrading to a SmartArena lighting system not only has economic benefits, but also leads to an increase in efficiency – in addition to positive aspects for our environment. The new lighting has created an impressive atmosphere for athletes and visitors at both venues.

Photocredit: store and more