TuS Bad Waltersdorf: Efficient Floodlight Solution for Competition and Training Ground!

Bad Waltersdorf, Styria – The TuS Bad Waltersdorf relies on an innovative solution from Preworks GmbH for their new floodlight system. The project involved not only the production of floodlight systems in Styria but also comprehensive consultation and support during the implementation.

The floodlight system for the competition ground was designed to achieve an average illuminance of 300 lux at a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin. The training ground is illuminated with an average illuminance of 140 lux at 3000 Kelvin color temperature. Thanks to SmartArena technology, a nearly glare-free game is possible despite a relatively low mounting height of 16 meters.

Markus Giefing from Preworks commented on the Bad Waltersdorf project:

“For the project in Bad Waltersdorf, my responsibility was precise light measurement. Our partner company, Licht Loidl, was responsible for the professional installation and commissioning of the system. The reactions were very positive, as the playing field is now efficiently illuminated while the area outside the field remains dark.”

The newly installed floodlight systems are characterized by their energy efficiency, leading to significant cost savings for the TuS Bad Waltersdorf sports club. The light is brighter and evenly distributed, significantly improving visibility for players and spectators.


  • Illuminance on the main field: 300 lux on average at 3000 Kelvin color temperature.
  • Illuminance on the training ground: 140 lux on average at 3000 Kelvin color temperature.
  • The DLC shading system minimizes light pollution according to OENORM 1052.


Club: TuS Raiba Bad Waltersdorf, tus-badwaltersdorf.at
Client & Electrical Engineering Partner: Licht Loidl GmbH, www.licht-loidl.at
Lighting Design: Preworks GmbH, preworks.at
Manufacturer of Floodlights: Preworks GmbH, smart-arena.com
Equipment in use: SmartArena Tera GEN3r LED floodlight with DLC