SV Hausleiten – SmartArena provides innovative floodlight solution for a soccer field, tennis courts, and the Funcourt

Hausleiten, Lower Austria – SV Hausleiten has upgraded its sports facility with a modern floodlight system from SmartArena. The project was managed by store and more, while the installation company Montron from Vösendorf carried out the on-site installation. The special feature was the scope of the project, which included not only the soccer field but also three tennis courts and a Funcourt.

Club chairman Reinhold Mayer: “The new floodlight is simply fantastic and incredibly bright.” Resident protection and optimal illumination were achieved in harmony.

The soccer field, tennis courts, and Funcourt now shine in the best light, guaranteeing optimal match and training conditions for players and spectators.

Sebastian Trieb, SmartArena project manager for Hausleiten, explained the challenges of the extensive project: “The tender for the new floodlight system was demanding. In some cases, the mast heights were very low, and in some cases, it was only possible to illuminate the area from one side. Due to the size of the facility, avoiding light emissions played a crucial role in the tender.”


  • Illuminance levels: 300 Lux on average (Class 2 tennis courts), 200 Lux on average (Class 2 soccer field) -> both according to EN 12193
  • Color temperature: 3000 Kelvin (all courts)
  • A total of five sports fields were newly illuminated
  • The DLC shading system minimizes light pollution according to OENORM 1052
  • Switch Dimming function: Up to five freely programmable dimming levels


Club: SV Hausleiten,
Client: store & more GmbH,
Planning, execution, and support: store & more GmbH,
Installation company: Montron GmbH,
Light planning: Preworks GmbH,
Manufacturer of floodlights: Preworks GmbH,
Equipment in use: SmartArena Tera GEN3r LED floodlights with DLC