Beach volleyball Donauinsel – SmartArena illuminates volleyball players in Vienna

With its urban beaches and vibrant beach volleyball culture, Vienna has established itself as a hotspot for enthusiastic players who want to improve their skills or simply enjoy a relaxed time in the sand. We have taken the beach volleyball experience on the Donauinsel to a new level, as an innovative LED floodlight system from SmartArena ensures evenly distributed lighting, allowing exciting matches even in the evening hours.

Sebastian Trieb, the project supervisor for the installation, said in an interview, “It was a very exciting project because it was once again a new sport for us. We are currently converting many football fields to modern LED floodlight systems, so a beach volleyball court in the heart of Vienna was a welcome change.”

Sebastian further commented, “The entire process worked extremely well; in contrast to football fields, where we have to light up multiple masts, here we had only two. We met with the organizers, who were very pleased with the even floodlight and the large number of visitors. We also received a lot of positive feedback from the players.”

What’s special about the system is that it can illuminate either four or eight courts. Initially, only six courts were planned, but now athletes have access to eight playing fields. During tournaments, the nets are adjusted – courts are reduced to four – to give the players more space to play.

Here is one of the first 3D light calculations of the project. The graphic is no longer up-to-date, but it helps to imagine how we conduct light calculations.


  • 300 lux – whether playing on 4 or 8 courts.
  • The 3000 Kelvin system allows perfect visibility in the evening, extending the usability of the facility.
  • Normally, 8 courts are used, but during tournaments, the number is reduced to four.
  • The floodlight system was produced by Preworks/SmartArena in Styria.
  • The lighting planning was carried out by Preworks GmbH.


Client: Wien Energie GmbH,
Planning and supervision: Sebastian Trieb, Preworks GmbH,
Light calculations: Markus Giefing, Preworks GmbH,
Electrical engineering company: Pro electric Elektrotechnik GmbH,
Equipment in use: SmartArena Solo Tera GEN3r, 3000K, 300W, special light color 3000K
Photos: SmartArena by Preworks | Markus Giefing
SmartArena Sales and Support international: Preworks GmbH,