Flaurling sports field LED floodlighting replaces old planar floodlights

The sports field in Flaurling, Tyrol, is the home of the FC Flauring/Polling. Several teams train on the two football pitches, as well as the squad, a women’s team and a junior team play there. In order to optimise playing conditions, the old 2kW floodlights were replaced by a SmartArena LED floodlighting system. The new LED floodlighting system fulfills the current ÖISS specifications, which stipulate an average of 200 lux for the competition pitch and an average of 100 lux for the training pitch.

The two football pitches are now illuminated with a 5-mast system equipped with Smart Arena Tera 2.0 Basic LED floodlights, with a light point height of 18 metres. The LED floodlighting system is equipped with a DLC system, so that stray light is directed back onto the pitch. This minimises stray light beyond the bounds of the sports facility and maximises the overall efficiency of the system. In addition, a ULR of max. 0.5 % is guaranteed. The colour temperature is 5000K. Thus, the installation offers optimal conditions for all athletes and their fans. At the same time, a minimisation of light immission according to the current Austrian standard (O1052) is achieved. The energy efficiency is considerably better than that of the old installation, the total power of the new System including lighting for the training field is 20.1 kW.


Location: Sports field Flauring, https://vereine.oefb.at/FcFlaurlingPolling/Sportplatz/

Handling and support: Preworks GmbH, Sebastian Trieb

Equipment employed: SmartArena Tera 2.0 Basic Serie

Product infos: SmartArena Sport.pdf

Photos: Philipp Preisinger

Distributor: Preworks GmbH, www.preworks.at

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