Sportunion Tennis Club Großgöttfritz SmartArena LED Floodlighting

Following a court renovation with a new surface and an economic upswing due to an impressive increase in members, the Sportunion Tennic Club in Großgöttfritz, in the Austrian forest district, wanted to create extra value for their members. The tennis club, founded in 1988, comprising of two courts and previously only playable during daylight, was upgraded with a floodlighting system, to extend playing times. Illuminated with 500 lux, the court can now be used till 10:00 pm and fulfils the specifications for competition courts. The installation is ÖNORM 1052 compliant.

The floodlighting system consists of four 16-meter-high masts, equipped with SmartArenaTera 2.0 Basic. The fixtures are equipped with DLC (Direct Light Control) for glare protection and shading.

Chairman Mario Ecker explains the process: “We first considered a floodlighting system about five years ago. This became more concrete in 2020, after the court was resurfaced. In November 2020, we requested the first offers from Preworks, to gain an overview of possible costs. Planning began in February 2021: a financial list, funding options, offers for the substructure, foundations and electricity. Once it had been determined that the project was financially feasible, we spoke to all neighbouring residents, to get a feeling for the acceptance of the project. Following successful advocacy, the project was completed in one and a half months.”

Many regional companies were involved in the construction of the floodlighting system. The installation was supported with funding from the municipality of Großgöttfritz, Sportunion Lower Austria, the federal state of Lower Austria and the companies Erich Siedl und Zankl. We are also grateful to all the volunteers from the club.

Location: Sportunion Tennis Club Großgöttfritz,

Implementation and support: Preworks GmbH, Sebastian Trieb

Planning: Harrer & Harrer ZT GmbH

Construction management: Chabek BaugesmbH

Construction work and suppliers: Swietelsky AG, MABA Fertigteilindustrie GmbH, M-electrics (Michael Mühlbacher), Siedl Erich e.U., ZANKL Spengler & Dachdecker

Equipment employed: SmartArena LED floodlighting

Photos: Mario Ecker

YouTube Video:  SUTC Großgöttfritz

Press: Bericht im Bezirksblatt: „“

SmartArena international sales and support: Preworks GmbH,