SV Ried relies on Bundesliga-suitable floodlight from SmartArena

Ried, Upper Austria – SV Ried has decided to upgrade the floodlight system in the Innviertel Arena to SmartArena. Due to the stadium regulations of the Austrian Football Association (“Österreichischer Fußball-Bund“ / ÖFB), it was necessary to renovate the facility in order to make it suitable for the Bundesliga. For SmartArena – with production site in Teufenbach in Styria – the Innviertel Arena in Austria is thus the first floodlight installation suitable for the Austrian league. The new lighting technology has improved the light level and uniformity of the illumination, while also reducing energy consumption by more than half compared to the old system (from 320 kW to 155 kW). Furthermore, due to the shading system, the light immission is limited. The SmartArena team realized the project together with their sales partner LIGHTMAX and the assembly company Montron GmbH.

In addition to the requirements of the ÖFB, SV Ried also placed emphasis on technological innovation when choosing the floodlight system: The system in the Innviertel Arena is 100% DMX controllable. This allows each individual headlamp to be controlled in a targeted manner, which offers the possibility of visual special effects (such as running light effects and many more).

With this extension of the facility, the audience is offered an impressive stadium atmosphere.

“The light looks like in the Champions League!” says Roland Daxl of SV Ried after the first match with the LED technology of the SmartArena Tera Gen3r headlights.

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