Perfect lighting conditions for peak performance at the Better Tennis Center Traiskirchen

Traiskirchen, Lower Austria – The Better Tennis Center in Traiskirchen has chosen modern LED lighting solutions from SmartArena for the equipment of three tennis courts. The new floodlight systems convince with their lighting quality and thus raise the entire playing and training atmosphere to a new level. The new SmartArena LED floodlights provide ideal visibility with a light intensity of 500 LUX, so that both training sessions and competitions can take place under the best conditions.

The floodlight system is based on a single-pole system and a light point height of 16 meters. During the installation, attention was also paid to an optimal reduction of stray light emissions to the area surrounding the court in order to effectively protect the environment from light pollution. These state-of-the-art LED spotlights offer tennis players the opportunity to hone their skills under optimum conditions and focus on what matters – the game itself.

The new lighting system from SmartArena not only ensures optimal illumination, but also makes a significant contribution to energy efficiency, which also leads to cost savings in the long term. The combination of advanced technology and sporting passion makes this project a milestone for the Better Tennis Center Traiskirchen. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with Intelli.Group GmbH, the tennis courts were perfectly illuminated for a bright future.