Innovative lighting solutions for the TSV Raiffeisen Neumarkt – SmartArena lights up the soccer pitch!

Neumarkt, Styria – The TSV Raiffeisen Neumarkt has opted for the lighting of the football field for the energy-efficient technology of SmartArena, thus taking the floodlight system to a new level. In cooperation with Ecoworld LCL GmbH and the experienced lighting installers from E-Werk Neumarkt, the modern lighting system was installed with a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin.

SmartArena’s innovative lighting solutions ensure perfect conditions on the field, whether for training situations or during matches. The uniform lighting ensures that every part of the field is ideally lit, providing an impressive atmosphere for both, players and spectators. By using advanced LED technology, energy consumption was significantly reduced while ensuring excellent lighting quality.

The new SmartArena floodlights are not only powerful, but also sustainable, as they consume less energy and have a long service life. This project has once again set a mark for the future of sports field lighting. SmartArena thanks the TSV Raiffeisen Neumarkt for their trust and wishes the club many successful games – which are guaranteed to be perfectly staged.